Calvin Harris’ „Acceptable in the 80s“ is not the only thing that makes us fall in love with the era of pink lipsticks and padded shoulders all over again. Stockholm-based brand „Eytys“ is the word on everyone’s lips this season and while its name might sound retro, its styles are anything but.


Contemporary, modern and exciting, Eytys is a brand that stands for urban comfort and innovative design. Apart from the fact that the sleek plateau sneakers have already taken over the hearts of many streetstyle stars (we are looking at you, Veronika Heilbrunner!), they also get extra points for pairing well with extravagant Ellery dresses and with your favorite pair of Levi’s vintage jeans.


A hint? Step ahead of everyone else and get your own pair while you still can. We promise you won’t want to take them off.


Uzwei Kaisergalerie


Open from Monday to Saturday from 10AM to 7PM


This year you’re in for a proper treat! On November 25th Uzwei team will not only spoil you with sunken prices (we will reduce all Fall/Winter 2016 collections by 30%), but also with a great party (Which – admit it – makes a pretty unbeatable combination!).


Hence an invitation in writing: you are cordially invited to join our

Black Friday party on November 25th anytime between 10AM and 11PM:


There will be great drinks, funky music and yummy bites!

There will be -30% on Autumn/Winter 2016 collections!

There will be additional -10% on Friday ONLY!

There will be free champagne between 6PM and 7PM

There will be a party with great cocktails, mulled wine (Hello Christmas!) and good vibes – courtesy of our friends over at Crystal Studios!


Stop by, we will be happy to see you! For more details click here!


Kaisergalerie, Grosse Bleichen 23-27, Hamburg


This Halloween the answer to the “trick or treat” question leaves no room for contemplation: it’s a treat! Our beautiful collection in the highest-quality cashmere is now up to 50% closer.


The selection? Our cashmere bar classics in numerous colors and with round- or V-neck collar AND our trendy seasonal selection of oversized sweaters, cardigans, wraps and beanies. In other words: just in time for lower temperatures when all you can think of in the morning is how to wrap yourself up to conquer the late-autumn wind.


Stop by the store from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm or shop your favorite looks via unger-fashion.com.


Despite general miscommunication between the calendar and the seasons (Hello, Indian summer!), we decided to dedicate our Deli menu to Nordic cuisine with its many traditional recipes that were inspired by Magnus Nilsson’s cooking philosophy.


From September on, Uzwei’s gourmet offer will instantly transport you to the streets of Copenhagen (or Stockholm, if it fits your taste better) – stop by for a delicious Danish chicken salad, zesty eggs in curry sauce or a treat in a form of beetroot-herring salad.


Scandinavian taste-buds aside, we also give you:


– Taco beef tartare with salsa roja and tacos;

– Avocado or goat cheese focaccia

– Seasonal salads: raw broccoli, fresh greens or raw bulgur salad

– Toppings: tajine lime chicken, avocado or grilled seasonal mushrooms


That said, I guess we’ll see you around lunch time, won’t we?


Uzwei Deli opening hours: Monday – Saturday from 8.00 until 19.00

Phone: +49 (0) 40 35 01 71 20


Does Magnus Nilsson need a special introduction? The fact that he belongs to the most innovative, exciting and creative chefs of our era is fairly self-explanatory, but if you need additional information, we give you this: his restaurant Fäviken is constantly booked out and has been described as the cradle of the modern nordic cuisine. He wrote books. He did photography. He succeded.

After his book presentation at Uzwei he also took some time to share his life wisdom in a five-step personality assessment (that we borrowed from Proust himself). Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Mr. Scandinavian Masterchef!


If you could have dinner with any person – dead or alive – who would you dine with, where would you go and what would you eat?

Well, I would eat at my house with my family and I suppose we would eat seasonal vegetables from my garden. It is exactly what I usually cook for our everyday meals at home.


What is your most treasured possesion?

Does it have to be one single possesion? Just one? Okay … one that gives me a lot of joy is my green house which is not only utilitarian but also pretty. It is built in a way that allows you to grow things in one half of it and to spend time in the other half of it. I use it as an office and I also use it to produce photos.


What is happiness?

It is a state of mind.


What is your current state of mind?

I am pretty happy (laughs). I usually am.


If you were 20 again, what advice would you give to your future self?

To do exactly what I did. To just continue doing exactly what I felt like, because it has worked out pretty well. Obviously there are always tiny little details that you would maybe do differently if you knew the full story, but on the other hand they have taken me to a pretty good place. Every single day is still a lot of fun.


Name: VIU


Founded: 2012 by Fabrice Aeberhard + Christian Kaegi (design), Killian Wagner + Peter Kaeser (management) and Dominik P. D. Müller (product development)


Located: From Switzerland across all the major cities in the German-speaking world


Famous for: Swiss origin, high product quality and a very good price. All this in combiniation with unique design that enables a perfect fit for every taste, no matter how classic or exotic it appears to be


We love them because: They offer a perfect blend of traditional and funky. And because of their honest approach that speaks against imitations and instead focuses on their own unique identity


You’ll love them because: Of their advanced approach to modern retail. Their website offers a virtual try-on which is as fun as it is useful


Star product: Sunglasses „The Artist“ that you will be able to wear for years to come


Bottom line: we salute you, VIU!


Young and fresh, Dalia Günther embodies the youthful power that teaches us live our lives without regrets and hesitation. Not only does she have a successful model career, she is also relaxed and down-to-earth, exactly the way an Uzwei woman of the month should be. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Dalia, our star of the month in a unique Proust-inspired tango.


If you could have dinner with any personality, living or dead, who would you have dinner with and where would you eat?

I would have dinner with Audrey Hepburn, simply because I admire her. It would be a dinner just like in the “Roman Holiday”; we would both order pasta, although I think I would have been too nervous to eat!


What is your most treasured possession?

A small golden ring with diamonds that has been worn by both, my grandmother and my mother and which I will – hopefully – pass on to my daugther once. And the guardian angel that my grandfather wore when he was still alive.


What is your current state of mind?

Holiday mode on! For the reference, I am answering this questions while lying beside the pool in Santorini.


What is your biggest fear?

I am deadly affraid of spiders. Small or big, I am almost certain they have a spell on me.


What is happiness?

To be surrounded by my favorite people and my dog.


What is your idea of a perfect 5-piece French wardrobe?

Biker boots, black jeans, black and white T-shirts and an oversized blazer. Classic chic – you can’t go wrong with it.


If you were 20 again, which advice would you give to your future-self?

Since I only turned 20 two years ago, I guess there isn’t much I could say. To be honest, I am satisified with my life as it is, however, I still think that my future goal will be directed towards being braver.



Coffee drinking on the go: KeepCup designed the first barista standard reusable cup. It is the perfect accessory for enjoying your daily cup of coffee –

Uzwei joined the revolution and so can you! Make an impact and help us reduce disposable cup use.


Keep it and use it again.



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