This might have something to do with Joan Didion’s “The White Album”, a legendary essay collection that best describes the West Coast in the 1960’s or maybe just with the generous geographical supply of light and warmth, but whenever you think of summer, don’t you subconsciously somehow always think about Dusty Springfield, palm trees and, well, California?


To raise our spirits, we took on a trip that goes beyond Los Angeles through the dusty highways into the heart of the desert and the flora of one of America’s most praised national parks, Joshua Tree. Mood? Colorful and casual, it is exactly the way we want our summer to be: hot, raw, unpredictable. Our suggestion? Invest into Mara Hoffman’s breezy cotton slip dresses, spacious Lemaire button-down blouses and a touch of Rag&Bone’s raw denim that, combined with silky tops and desert boots, instantly projects the feeling of a never-ending fortune. Stella McCartney’s seasonal khakis make up for a good evening companion to a classic Equipment silk blouse while Magda Butrym’s eclectic vintage-inspired designs give your holiday outfit an instant glamour upgrade.


Now all you need is a vintage Pontiac, a Janis Joplin record and an over-night stay at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. And if California does indeed seem to be too far away, we know for certain that Italian road trips make up for a good alternative (and they smell of oranges, too!).


Discover our summer staples in our Summer Cube on the first floor.


BEING CONSCIOUS COUNTS. While on search for another seasonal „it“ bag, look no further: Stella McCartney’s latest arm candy goes by the name of Falabella Box Wicker and it might as well be the only bag you need this summer.


Made from the finest wicker-effect eco alter nappa, it is as good for your consciouse as it is for your wardrobe. The bag features a diamond cut ruthenium chain trim and single shoulder strap with a Stella McCartney logo disc; while fully lined with recycled polyester, Falabella Box is made from non-leather and is cruelty-free – the polyurethane used is water based and solvent free.


In times where every action towards friendlier and better consumption counts, it is not only wise, but sometimes neccessary to think about how you spend your money. Stella’s newest bag addiction is a clean choice.


Discover Stella McCartney’s Falabella Box Wicker installation in store from Friday, April 28th on.


What started as one of Istanbul’s most innovative concept stores in that sophisticated design-meets art-meets gastronomy triangle, now evolved into the industry’s best-kept secret: ladies and gentlemen, meet Sanayi 313, your latest high-end shoe crush.


The brand’s creative director Serena Uziyel finished her studies at Parsons School of Design and collected precious craft experience in Milan and Florence. It is safe to say that Sanayi 313 reflects its founder’s skills at its best: on one hand it stands for modern design, on the other it is an epitome of traditional craftsmanship.


An homage to nature, Sanayi 313 slippers are a combination of different materials (think canvas, cotton or raffia) and delicate handmade stitching that turn every pair into a piece of art. With their signature oriental touch, the shoes add a perfect touch to any wardrobe, be it an elegant evening dress or relaxed holiday attire.


Now really, what more is there to ask for this summer?


Sanayi 313 is now available at Uzwei.


Okay, we admit: few designers combine eclectic patterns, innovative styles and impactful ideas the way Christopher Kane does. This season the Scottish-born and London-based designer not only introduced his new „see now, buy now“ retail strategy, he also celebrated his 10th anniversary and his first season at Uzwei. And that alone, we thought, was a reason enough for celebration.


What started as a democratic (in a sense that it was, you know, open for everybody without any lunch plans) panel discussion on the future of fashion between Kane, ICON’s editor-in-chief Inga Griese, our fashion director Rungang Zhu and connoseur Annette Weber, ended as a lavish 3-course dinner party for a selected guestlist. With Uzwei turned into an abracadabra spring restaurant, the evening evolved around Kane’s colorful spring-summer collection, supermodel Luca Gadjus, actresses Claudia Michelsen, Julia Malik and Pheline Roggan and a group of friends that made up for an eventful evening.


The topic in focus? Inspiration, dedication, commitment. The question in focus? If mister Kane could choose, would he have chosen the same path again? The answer: of course he would. With a solid fan base and justified praise coming from the experts, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Welcome on board, Mr. Kane!


Christopher Kane’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection is now available at Uzwei. Discover it from Monday to Saturday from 10AM to 7PM.


Calvin Harris’ „Acceptable in the 80s“ is not the only thing that makes us fall in love with the era of pink lipsticks and padded shoulders all over again. Stockholm-based brand „Eytys“ is the word on everyone’s lips this season and while its name might sound retro, its styles are anything but.


Contemporary, modern and exciting, Eytys is a brand that stands for urban comfort and innovative design. Apart from the fact that the sleek plateau sneakers have already taken over the hearts of many streetstyle stars (we are looking at you, Veronika Heilbrunner!), they also get extra points for pairing well with extravagant Ellery dresses and with your favorite pair of Levi’s vintage jeans.


A hint? Step ahead of everyone else and get your own pair while you still can. We promise you won’t want to take them off.


Uzwei Kaisergalerie


Open from Monday to Saturday from 10AM to 7PM


While thinking about the world and the turbulent times that we live in, we found it inevitable to project this sociological, political and aesthetic reality to our immediate environment. With that in mind, we created „Earth“, our lates editorial topic that is nothing but a humble homage to the only object that constantly inspires: our planet.


„Earth“ is a collection of simple things: green grass in the windows, blue skyes transformed into visual panel boards that reappear on several key points around the store, birch trees to communicate our connection to nature as well as Hanging Gardens, precise installations by the Berlin-based artist Holger Hönck that feature a combination of hand-picked plants, light and handcrafted wood.


Connected in a cloud of natural, organic and primarily basic, Uzwei’s collections blend in with their unique ratio of „essential“ and „trendy“. Whatever you choose this season, we invite you for a walk through our meadow that is more than ever in anticipation of spring awakening.


Join us.


Open from Monday to Saturday from 10AM to 7PM.


We have individuality written in our DNA. With some major changes on our designer list, we decided to systematically turn our 1st floor into an UzweiLAB, an area dedicated to simple pieces that allow room for systematic development of one’s personal style. Casual and essential, these pieces are fundamental to every wardrobe – a perfect trench coat, an evergreen leather biker jacket, a perfect pair of jeans. Building on the idea of the so-called “5-piece French Wardrobe”, our LAB is a symbolic nod to the individuality that requires character. Led by Acne Studios, the selection is now symbolically upgraded with A.P.C. essentials and Christophe Lemaire classics, to only name a few.


To celebrate our LAB corner we decided to visualize the key looks on the girls we find inspiring, exciting, different. Uzwei Journal was shot by Berlin-based photographer Anna Daki and features Lena Lademann, Marie von Behrens and Lisa Hahnbück, wearing the best of Scandinavian-inspired looks for the season ahead.


We have long understood the metaphoric value fashion carries. What we really want to address when we talk about shoes or jeans is the true meaning of style and individuality. While living in a society that favors systematization over uniqueness, it feels refreshing to show understanding towards the principles of freedom that can be expressed through the sartorial choices we make. Bluntly? Freedom is quoting Charles Bukowski in a business meeting, laughing out loud in an art gallery, accidentally wearing two different socks or going to a Saturday afternoon’s soccer match in high heels. Freedom is a perspective and perspectives always start in our heads. The great thing about it, though, is that it is never too late to start living by its principles.


Uzwei Journal is meant to be your guideline on the way to individuality. Embrace it.


When Kim Ellery started her brand in 2007 she had no idea what a huge success it will one day evolve into. The brand’s signature volants, draped off-shoulder blouses and flared pants were since worn by many international influencers, starting with Rihanna and Cate Blanchett.


Being the most celebrated Australian fashion export in the last decade, Ellery is as playful as it is fresh and exciting. Inspired by the signature 70’s tailoring, the brand’s creations are recognized by their cut (think volants, ruffles, twists and multiply it by ten) as well as by the innovative use of textiles that might be developed in Italy, but are actually A to Z made in Sydney.


The verdict? We suggest you step in the line and see for yourself. We promise you won’t be able to think about anything else. And this should be a reason enough to pop by.



Uzwei is open Monday to Saturday from 10AM to 7PM

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