SPRING IS CALLING. We’ve come a long way since January freeze storms. We’ve also come a long way since 70’s Farrah Fawcett-inspired fitness aerobics in pink leotards. In the 21st Century being sporty applies to a lot more than sixty minutes of sweat three times per week. Being sporty is a way of life, a totality that takes you out of the gym and towards new adventures. And, really, is there a better time to try something new than spring?


With April playing the usual weather-tricks, we decided to make the best of it and dedicate these next weeks to active life. Our gymgear (think Adidas by Stella McCartney and Nike) was upgraded with a fine selection of yogawear, signed by Hey Honey and a carefully curated list of beauty products to give it an extra boost. You will descover Ogaenics, organic „Made in Germany“ nutritional supplements, Coola sunscreen, Mio body care and plenty more.


We look forward to your visit from Monday through Saturday between 10AM and 7PM.



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While thinking about the world and the turbulent times that we live in, we found it inevitable to project this sociological, political and aesthetic reality to our immediate environment. With that in mind, we created „Earth“, our lates editorial topic that is nothing but a humble homage to the only object that constantly inspires: our planet.


„Earth“ is a collection of simple things: green grass in the windows, blue skyes transformed into visual panel boards that reappear on several key points around the store, birch trees to communicate our connection to nature as well as Hanging Gardens, precise installations by the Berlin-based artist Holger Hönck that feature a combination of hand-picked plants, light and handcrafted wood.


Connected in a cloud of natural, organic and primarily basic, Uzwei’s collections blend in with their unique ratio of „essential“ and „trendy“. Whatever you choose this season, we invite you for a walk through our meadow that is more than ever in anticipation of spring awakening.


Join us.


Open from Monday to Saturday from 10AM to 7PM.


We have individuality written in our DNA. With some major changes on our designer list, we decided to systematically turn our 1st floor into an UzweiLAB, an area dedicated to simple pieces that allow room for systematic development of one’s personal style. Casual and essential, these pieces are fundamental to every wardrobe – a perfect trench coat, an evergreen leather biker jacket, a perfect pair of jeans. Building on the idea of the so-called “5-piece French Wardrobe”, our LAB is a symbolic nod to the individuality that requires character. Led by Acne Studios, the selection is now symbolically upgraded with A.P.C. essentials and Christophe Lemaire classics, to only name a few.


To celebrate our LAB corner we decided to visualize the key looks on the girls we find inspiring, exciting, different. Uzwei Journal was shot by Berlin-based photographer Anna Daki and features Lena Lademann, Marie von Behrens and Lisa Hahnbück, wearing the best of Scandinavian-inspired looks for the season ahead.


We have long understood the metaphoric value fashion carries. What we really want to address when we talk about shoes or jeans is the true meaning of style and individuality. While living in a society that favors systematization over uniqueness, it feels refreshing to show understanding towards the principles of freedom that can be expressed through the sartorial choices we make. Bluntly? Freedom is quoting Charles Bukowski in a business meeting, laughing out loud in an art gallery, accidentally wearing two different socks or going to a Saturday afternoon’s soccer match in high heels. Freedom is a perspective and perspectives always start in our heads. The great thing about it, though, is that it is never too late to start living by its principles.


Uzwei Journal is meant to be your guideline on the way to individuality. Embrace it.


In the overwhelming era of digital technology and all things instant, doesn’t it sometimes feel nice to sit down, pull out a notebook and take a moment to sort out your thoughts? With a royal fanbase of Grace Kelly, Katherine Hepburn and Sigmund Freud reputation, Smythson’s featherweight diary still lives up to it’s fame.


First introduced in 1908 the Panama diary represents the 125 years of British heritage unlike any other notebook on the market. Coated in thin layer of leather, it can be rolled or folded without compromising its shape; now produced in several different colours, it is an epitome of timeless design, classic craftmanship as well as good taste on the side of those who choose to keep it in their briefcases (or sequined clutches, for that matter).


Founded in 1887, Smythson of Bond Street soon became the go-to manufacturer when it came to creating stationery for European royalty. With the rise of Hollywood the brand’s products were sought-after accessories in the hands of aspiring writers as well as film stars and mondane New York Park avenue crowd. Now also offering handbags, travel essentials and books, Smythson is best represented through its iconic stationery as well as parctical yet luxurious wallets – perfect fillings for Christmas stockings that will remain in high demand throughout the year.


Visit us for a selection of Panama notebooks as well as wallets and travel essentials daily from 10 AM to 7 PM.


What if you – just for a moment – imagined the world according to the simple idea John Lennon once had? What if you imagined the world as an indefinitely simplified version of a children’s book? What if this world actually existed?


As a gentle reminder of all things simple, Uzwei decided to bow down in front of the universally praised concept of happiness.


Not only did we (quite literally!) dress our windows into a color-blocking galore, installed oversized smileys (just so that you don’t forget to laugh as you go) and displayed genuine works of art (Thank you, Galerie Schimming!), we also decided to spoil your taste buds – hence our Uzwei “Happy menu”.


The verdict? This fall will obviously smell of “apfelstrudel” and hot chocolate (and wine, of course). Wrap up in some cuddly cashmere, get a new perfume, grab your best friend and spend a great weekend among the things that make you feel exactly the way you should feel all the time: fulfilled, light, happy. We might be able to help along the way.


Visit Uzwei from Monday to Saturday from 10.00 until 19.00.


In times when fashion is changing faster than the early autumn weather, when we have seen it all, been amazed and shocked by everyone and everything, we decided to vow to the most underestimated topic there is: pure, simple and unpretentious happiness.


Trying to define happiness in relation to modern mental pilgrimage, we came up with the following: happiness to us is spending time with our families, going for an early morning walk in the park, baking a cake on a Friday night, buying a red lipstick (and a grey cashmere sweater), dancing in the rain, picking the apples on a crisp autumn afternoon, laughing until it hurts. Happiness to us is learning to love what we do (and not the other way around), to consciously enjoy the present in all its undermining exposure and to pass it on. With that in mind, the teams at Unger and Uzwei created “The Happy Issue”, a brand new edition of our U Magazine, there to remind you that happiness can also be contagious.


Speaking of spreading the tiny pinches of prosperity – from 1st October, Uzwei will deliver extra happiness in a form of our brand new theme – prepare for shiny colors, oversized outbursts of laughter and a generous side of good old comfort food. Make sure to note it in your calendars, put a pin in and circle it in red: good things have to be shared, therefore see you around in October, right?


This month we partnered up with our sister online shop and created a behind-the-scenes look into the world of Uzwei. Colorful and vivid, it is now not only available for admiration, but also accessible for shopping.


Easy to use and – what’s more – easy to shop, our own corner at the store is a summary of everything we are and everything we stand for.


Be sure to click on it, it’s ALMOST as good as stopping by the store.



There is this inherently irritating thing about the advice mothers always like to give: choose the work that makes you happy and never look back. What they don’t seem to understand, however, is that it is not so much a choice you simply wake up to (not in your twenties or thirties, anyhow) as it is a struggle with chance; finding a job you love means allowing it to take over a much greater part of your life than the usual nine-to-five office routine. And guess what? Once you do find it, all of the above happens naturally.


We DO love what we do, a pirate promise, and here’s why:


1. We get to stay on top of every season’s key trends, hence we understand why (not) having this or that particular handbag will most likely not kill you;

2. We get to hang our with our customers (aka YOU) and these are truly wonderful people;

3. We get to eat the most delicous, healthy and, well, beautiful food every day for lunch (Chapeau, Deli boys!);

4. We happen to organise the best parties in town (our private annual Christmas party included!);

5. We understand fashion. No, really, we do.


Want to join us on our trip to finding professional happines? Send us a CV via, we’ll be happy to keep you in the loop.


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