Our universe is much more than beautiful bags and fabulous coats. Our universe consists of all sorts of wonderful inspiration and strong, indpendent and smart women just happen to be a very important part of it. May we present?


Marlene Lucian, Brand Manager at our partner-in-crime Niche Beauty, has not only inspired us through her simple and sophisticated beauty, but also through her luminous intelligence. Read her answers to our Proust-inspired personality questions here:


If you could have dinner with any personality, living or dead, who would you have dinner with and where would you eat?

A dinner with Uschi Obermaier backstage at a Rolling Stones concert or at one of her around-the-world trips would be fun. She’s my ultimate freedom icon!


What is your most treasured possession?

My karma necklace I wear every day.

I really believe in ‘what goes around comes around’ – and it’s a chic piece of jewelry.


What is your current state of mind?

Summer is finally here!


What is your biggest fear?

That my beauty case won’t pass the airport security.


What is happiness?

Health. Sun. Friends and nothing planned for the next days.


What is your idea of a perfect 5-piece French wardrobe?

A leather jacket or a blazer, feel-good white T-shirt, sexy over the knee skirt, midi-heels like Tango Valentinos, for example or Gucci open flats and matte red lipstick of course.


If you were 20 again, which advice would you give to your future-self?

Try more. Travel more.